Thursday, March 31, 2011

"The Life Of Leaving Home"

Now I don't need to tell you that we need a vacation.
Everyone already knows that.
But we are getting older and busier everyday.
We have all decided to go on a trip to California over the summer.
So are we gonna make it happen?
Uhh You Bet!

We need a little bit of that extra "umph" to get us completely convinced.
Disneyland: -You know if we are going to California, we have no excuse not to go..
-Who cares about the cost. It's the adventure of a lifetime with all of our best friends.
-It's also good exercise.
-It is the happiest place on earth, besides Disneyworld.
-Picture us in all of the below photos.

The pictures below represent the City of my Grandparents.
Riverside: -Palm Trees and beautiful sun.
-My wonderful grandparents ;)
-Did I mention they have a Buffalo Wild Wings?

Ahh the beach.
Newport: -The water has been decently warm lately.
-The famous GREAT MEX would be present.
-They have the most amazing bike, surf, and skate shops.
-Also (I have never done this) they have deep sea fishing.

Carlsbad Encinitas: 
-I was researching different beaches and this one is close..ish.
-It has some super pretty water and cliffs.
-I've heard all the surfers go there.
-Which means hot boys.
-The boy I was in love with lives there and he's a super babe.
-It is in the San Diego Area which means we have more to do.
-It is closer to Mexico.

^*example: Hot babe*^
Just ignore him smoking.
He's still Hot.

And Finally,
Santa Monica: -An AWESOME! pier.
-Mexicans selling fruit illegally everywhere!!
-The coolest lifeguard stands we can take pictures on.
-The Seagulls steal all of your food.
-About 20 minutes or less from Hollywood.

I really hope that this has convinced you that you really need to start getting AT LEAST a week off from work in the summer because this will be the best vacation you ever had. Save your money girls, we are going to Cali. No flaking allowed!!!
Love Lauren :)

Monday, March 28, 2011

i'm in love and i can't deny it

it's sick really. this obsession that i have.
and it really didn't start with me. it's not my fault.
i mean he's athletic.
gererally everyone likes him.
he's oddly attractive.
we even have multiple posters of him around our house.
so i completely and 100% percent blame my father for this obsession.
hol don't hate me but i'm in love with jimmer.

girls, you know me, and youve been to my home. therefore, it has been only a matter of time before i completely cracked. i will confess that i have had exactly 2 dreams about this fellow. the second of those dreams, i received a kiss square on the lips. i liked that dream. but the first dream was also great, because he wanted me over this girl:


that is when i knew it was a dream. she's a babe and a half right?
BYU cheerleader.
jimmer's girl.
theyre in love.
my dreams are shattered.

celebrity crush: james taft fredette

love him. love you.
love ally

Friday, March 18, 2011

I Belong To The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day-Saints!

I know I just recently posted, but I felt strongly to write about this:
I came across a Website about the Mormon Church helping throughout all the Earthquakes and Natural Disasters around the world and I found it really interesting.
I love researching what other people think about our beliefs and I realize I have some strong opinions about our religion and I thought that I would share them.

First of all, I DO believe that our church is the true church and that it is the most wonderful blessing in the whole entire world. I do not understand how people can go on living without what we have.
I am so grateful for the knowledge we have and that we stand for what we believe in. I would never change anything for the world. We are blessed with a loving family and although we have to deal with struggles and challenges in our lives, we don't have to live through the terrible things that others are going through. Seeing all the struggle through all the natural disasters has really opened my eyes to what we really have. I love that we, as members, are the ones showing our love and support towards everyone that is going through a hard time. We have the power to change the world and make it a better place. I know that life has been hard for me lately and I know that all of us have been going through hard things, but I realize that we are so blessed. The church really does so much for us. I truly feel sorry for the people that mock it because they really have no reason to. I wish that they could open up and understand that what we have is the most amazing thing that there ever was.

I know this was kind of random but I felt the need to let atleast someone know that I do believe in it and I want to be a part of it forever. And I wish that everyone could know the truth as we do.

If you have time, you should look this up. It really got me going and obviously encouraged this post

Love you all
Again :)

Friday, March 11, 2011

If ya keep makin' that face, it'll get stuck like that

I would highly encourage everyone to get their very own Iphone or Ipod Touch.
It was probably the best thing my parents ever invested me in.
Some days, when I have nothing to do, I start to play with it.
I downloaded this app the other day called Instagram.
And I am now addicted. 
This is a good thing for many reasons:
1. It will help me to take more pictures.
2. There is really only 1 reason.

Here is a sample of my high-tech photography skills on my Ipod

I really really love this one.
Ally, you are so cute :)

Seriously, you could be on a sunblock lotion bottle.

That would be the Balboa Beach Pier

Pictures on the beach make the best.. pictures
Speaking of the beach, we all need to go. 
Find some week in our summer that we can all go away as girls and have a beach week :)
Speaking of the beach: I have a beach song that I just love and makes me want summer sooo bad!
It's called : Corona And Lime. Check it out

Love you all!!!
P.S. Lets blog more. 
Love, Lauren