Monday, January 23, 2012

everyone love everyone

Is there anything else to say?
Love makes the world go 'round
And let me tell you.
I don't think I can say this enough.
I love every one of you.
Life goes so fast.
You never know what could happen.
I don't realize it enough.
And I don't tell you enough.
I love you.

Friday, January 13, 2012

friday the 13th

this is a jumbled post because it has been a jumbled day. obviously
because it's friday the 13th. is it because it's a bad luck day?
not really. more like an awkward day.

i planned to wake up early to finish my homework. did i? HA.

ended up behind my professor while driving to school.
weird? not as weird as the fact that
he drives a very pink jeep.

planned on skipping math, but was attacked by a girl who is in
that class (she's an ELED major too, and most of those
girls are literally psychotic...) . it would have been
awkward to not walk in to class with her,
so i did.

ate a footlong subway sandwich. holy shiz i don't remember the
last time that was a possibility. i was starving?
i wanted to puke after. its been 3 hours
and i still want to puke.

got home and my once flat tire is now a destroyed
piece of rubber. that's always a joy.

ate a TON of fiber yesterday. about that...
lets just say today has been rough.

ALMOST cleaned my room, but instead i had
a photo shoot with my dog.

we are both naturals

i know. i'm super fun and adorable.

this day is not even over yet. let more 
awkwardness rain down on me.


love ally

Sunday, January 8, 2012

kind of like 27 dresses but not really...

high school. 
two words that once reminded me of the best slash worst years ever.
these days it just reminds me of, well, high school. duh.
but this last week, they reminded me of some of the dances i went to. ha! good times. 
ANYWAYS, i was thinking about the dances that you had to dress all nice for. and if you know me, you know that i absolutely hated, hated, HATED the cute dress up part. i have big boobs and sometimes an awkward figure and i never liked fitting my weird bod in a dress. i would much rather cover it all up with my daddy's t-shirt. i also had bad taste in dresses. 
wish you could see? wish granted.
(excuse the awkwardness of amy's man being in one of the pictures and the other awkwardness of the fact that i'm gettin hitched and none of these are the groom. just focus on the nasty outfits i wore.) (or maybe i'll just keep the pictures small)

preference '07. raise your hand if you remember this nightmare.

prom '09.                                                                         homecoming '09. i love you amy.

preference '09.
and my big cinderella dress for prom '10.

super not that cute. but that's okay now. i made a post about my rings a while back and this post is very similar...

i bought a new dress last week. it's not blue, or black, or short, or tacky. and it's not one i'm surely going to look back and laugh at.

it's white.

but until the wedding, you'll only see it in this lovely pink case:)

love ally


First of all: 
I love Tim McGraw.
This is just the best song ever and I am obsessed. 
Of course I have way too many songs that I am obsessed with so don't feel obligated to like this song.
But as least give it a chance. It's such a relatable song.
I got 4 new roommates this week and I LOVE every one of them.
It's gonna be the busiest and hardest semester yet, but I just have that feeling it's gonna be the best one.
I have been eating these tablets like candy.
Who knew fiber could taste so good?
Highly recommend. (it's like an after-school-snack..)

I was going to take a 30 minute nap today and then it turned into me having a really good dream about this one boy. I think I can basically only be with him in my dreams so I slept for 3&1/2 hours. It's fine. You can ask me about this dream. I'm sure I will be happy to talk about it.
It's almost Valentines Day. For all you cute couples: Congrats*. Seriously**. (But not really)
*Boo you Whore
(Excuse the expression)
**February is not typically my favorite month.
Time to whip out the cleanse again.
It's a new year and I plan on loosing some pounds.
12 to be exact.
This will probably only really happen if I give up Ice Cream.
And Let's be honest: I'm NOT giving up Ice Cream.
It's 2012.
We are all obviously going to die in less than 12 months so I might as well say my goodbyes now.
(Because obviously we are going to be sucked down into a black hole and I will never see you again*)
So bye.
It was fun.
*Sarcasm (Obviously)
But seriously.
Lauren :)