Sunday, April 29, 2012

Marky Mark

 Mark Wahlberg was born in the Dorchester neighborhood of Boston Massachusets, the youngest of nine children.
His parents Divorced in 1982
Wahlberg claims to have been in trouble 20–25 times with the Boston Police Department as a youth. By the age of 13, Wahlberg had developed an addiction to cocaine and other substances. At 15, he harassed a group of black school children on a field trip by throwing rocks and shouting racial epithets. When he was 16, Wahlberg approached a middle-aged Vietnamese man on the street and, using a large wooden stick, knocked him unconscious. He also attacked another Vietnamese man, leaving him permanently blind in one eye, and attacked a security guard (using racist language).
For these crimes, Wahlberg was charged with attempted murder, pled guilty to assault, and was sentenced to two years in jail at Boston's Deer Island House of Correction, of which he served 45 days. In another incident, the 21-year-old Wahlberg fractured the jaw of a neighbor in an unprovoked attack. Commenting in 2006 on his past crimes, Wahlberg has stated: "I did a lot of things that I regret, and I have certainly paid for my mistakes."
After landing in prison he decided to change his ways. According to Wahlberg, "As soon as I began that life of crime, there was always a voice in my head telling me I was going to end up in jail. Three of my brothers had done time. My sister went to prison so many times I lost count. Finally I was there, locked up with the kind of guys I'd always wanted to be like. Now I'd earned my stripes and I was just like them, and I realized it wasn't what I wanted at all. I'd ended up in the worst place I could possibly imagine and I never wanted to go back. First of all, I had to learn to stay on the straight and narrow."
"I've made a lot of mistakes in my life and I've done bad things, but I never blamed my upbringing for that. I never behaved like a victim so that I would have a convenient reason for victimizing others. Everything I did wrong was my own fault. I was taught the difference between right and wrong at an early age. I take full responsibility."
Wahlberg first came to fame as the younger brother of Donnie Whalberg of the successful 1980s and 1990s boy band New Kids On The Block Mark, at age thirteen, had been one of the group's original members.
However, he soon quit. 
Wahlberg began recording as Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch.
Wahlberg dropped the "Marky Mark" moniker and began an acting career, making his debut in the 1993 TV movie The Substitute
Sounds like there is hope for everyone :)
He might be getting old, but let's be honest, he's still a babe.
Good Vibrations: Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch.
Seriously good stuff.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Please read.
Your life will be greatly...enriched.. if that's the word to use..

p.s. I don't like this new layout.
It took me like 10 days to figure out how to post something.

p.p.s. Since we are talking about men, I thought i should tell you that I now have a boyfriend. His name is Tom Hardy (below) We are in love, haven't you heard.. how we rock each others world? Cuz he's just a boy and I'm just a girl?.. I think I may just love him. 
Uhmm, yeah..
Love Laur

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


what?! who's that in the middle? TAYLOR DAVIS.
for you lauren............................................
my elementary class

your welcome, amy 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Crazy People Can Still Sing Sometimes

repeat, repeat, repeat.
On ALL of these.

And absolutely am in LOVE with this song.
Most definitely the cutest thing errr.

And, if you have a fetish with dubstep lately, 
this feeds it.
Also, Brad Paisley takes the winning for best country music on the planet earth.
For all those who claim to not like country music, give it a chance.
And if you didn't listen to these songs, we probably can't be friends..

the married woman is still alive

ohhhh heyyy:)

so i'm married now.

and i freaking love it:)

i had imagined this day my entire life (obviously, i'm a girl) and i can't believe it's already come and gone!

jesse hanks fowlke. that my HUSBAND's name. and now we're like twins or married or something because that's my last name too. it's fowl, like fowl of the air, with a 'k'. fowlke. so this is us. MEET THE FOWLKERS!!

i'm ally and i hate school, but surprising like to clean our little basement apartment. i also like food so if you like food and you want some, feel free to come over and i'll whip you up some pasta, cereal, or maybe enchiladas.
that's jesse. he's smart, handsome, has a nice bod, and knows the gospel well. i got lucky. he may be smart but i fooled that looker. i tricked him into marrying a gal like myself! if anyone knows anyone who needs any help with that kind of trickery, call me.


so we've been married a month minus two days and it has been so much fun! i've also almost killed myself.

i've sucked up a lot of good stuff in the vacuum. i've broken a glass or two. there have been fires. (yes, plural. amy, the one you witnessed was NOTHING compared to the THREE FOOT flame i had on my pan last week. i kid you not. it was at least three feet high. i screamed).
i have nearly destroyed a lot of items in this house. actually i feel like i've nearly destroyed this house. our poor landlords...

anyways, being married is bueno. lots more people should get married. i'd recommend it. ESPECIALLY in the temple. thats the most important part. now jesse and i can be best friends forever! :) haha

love you my girls:)

love ally FOWLKE:)

and now beware of picture overload....

kelsey's face

 in the next few, at least one person fails every time haha

such a struggle.

cousin love

nailed it


haha jesse and i painfully watching my sweet but crazy grandma give her speech (which was only supposed to be 30 seconds of marital advice)

our gorgeous cake!

he would most definitely flip off the camera

hmm kaden and shoney anyone? hahah

we stood like this for forever because no one would give us a napkin or anything...awkward

Thursday, April 5, 2012


Let me just welcome you into story time.
So, as you know, my windshield has been cracked for some time now. My registration is due to be renewed and so I needed to replace it. My cousin said that he found a company that does it at your house! I was stoked, because what's better than being lazy and having people come to you? So they show up today, and I was freakin sketched from the beginning. I couldn't even communicate with them. So naturally, I creeped on them from the window while they were replacing it. When I was watching them, I noticed that they were using black caulk to glue my car clock back on. WTF. So, I called my daddy and he was piiiiised. I went out there, handed the phone to them and he gave them a stern talking. I had them follow me to the dealership and turns out, to fix it, it's 400 freakin dollars. yuuup. Why ME. They tried shmeagaling out of paying for it, but NOPE! I stayed strong. I was like heck no! So they payed for it. But then I thought to myself, why don't I try fixing it myself? Um hi, i'm a freakin mechanic. FIXED BABY. I'm a genius.

My hands were filthy with oil and I have never felt so bad a.
Need your car fixed? Don't go to me cause this was a once in a lifetime achievement. 
I gotta go scrub my skin off now.