Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Snaps for you.

I just wanted to say I love my bestest friends. They always know when you're having a bad day and always have just the right thing to say. 2 years is the explanation for this little break down. Oh and I might of walked into work this morning with puffy eyes, and I might of started bawling and telling my co-worker my life story...yeah that might of happened. Awesome. All 3 of my wonderful friends told me they love me this week and that simple text made me feel a little better. I feel like everyone is leaving and/or moving away. Holly is in Logan, Lauren is going to Idaho, and me and Ally have work all the time. It's times like these when this quote really makes it's stance...

This is a cheesy post, but I love you guys, and I'll always be there for ya:)

Oh and a holler to my sister Lisa. She knows when I need an encouraging text and a run to Costa.


Monday, October 11, 2010

"Congratulations! We are pleased to offer you admission to Brigham Young University. Rich blessings and life-changing opportunities await you here.We look forward to having you on our campus and feel that you will be an asset to this university.Sincerely,

Admissions Committee"

Unfortunately, this isnt the place i was expecting. I was considered not smart enough to go to BYU Hawaii. So i will be staying close as i go off to college. I was accepted to BYU-Idaho and hopefully i will like it there. I hate the cold and i dont know how im going to handle it. But it should be fun and you guys can come visit :)
I hope that this means we can still go on our spring break trip to mexico.
I miss all of you. I never see any of you girls even though i live like 2 miles away from most of you.
Love you

Monday, October 4, 2010

sisters do as sisters should...

Sisters do as sisters should, we're all together sisters!
Sisters always stick together even when they fall in love

We all have our weird moments, and that's what I love about my "sisters"!
Please watch this!

Love, Holly