Monday, November 28, 2011

bling rhymes with...

anybody who knows me, knows how i love my rings. i always wear rings. i'm always getting new ones and losing the worthless ones, and i'm always wearing at least 3 or 4. some are ugly, and some are lovely.

(please ignore the ugliness of my hands and focus on the fact that i have lots of rings)

i've had my favorites, and those are the ones i wear the most. but i've recently been given a new ring, and it's probably my most favorite of all. wait...probably? no. most definitely.

i think i'm okay with sticking to just the one from now on:)

love ally

p.s. be in love. its super fun.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

fam damily.

Here is a little taste of my step-grandmother....
THE MOST FUNCTIONAL ENGLISH WORD is shit...thats right, shit! You can smoke shit, get shit faced, buy shit, sell shit, lose shit, find shit, tell people 2 eat shit, forget shit, some people know their shit and some have shit for brains, there's lucky shits, dumb shits & crazy shit, there's bull shit, horse shit, chicken shit, deep shit, the wrong shit, the right shit & not enough shit, weird shit, scary shit, up shit creek without a paddle & sometimes everything you touch turns to shit. You could pass this along if u give a shit or not if you dont give a shit. Hope you have a shit free day but remember ........ Shit Happens!!!.......... Go on pass this shit on :-)
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Haha i'm grateful for my crazy family....


Monday, November 7, 2011

BOREDOM: bore·dom/ˈbôrdəm/ Noun: The state of feeling bored.

Sometimes I get super bored, or i'm just straight up avoiding my 6 page paper due tomorrow. Regardless, I find ways to entertain myself. So you see, there is this big bowl of candy filled with kit kats, milk duds, and whoppers. Obviously all of the kit kats and milk duds are gone. So I came up with a little game for my father...

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If you can't quite read that, it says;

I'm powdery & gritty,
I cost about seven fitty.
I'm in a big box,
Next to a place that holds hard salt rocks.


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Aha, it is the laundry detergent. 
Can't wait for him to come home and find this little beaut.

It's a good thing I have about 20 whoppers which supplies me with entertainment for the next 3 weeks.

We have our fun.


P.S. Boredom is one of those words where the longer you look at it, the weirder it looks.

today, i'm a winner.

this morning i woke up super early and read the scripts with the fam. we do that everyday. and everyday i go right back to bed until the last possible 10 minutes it takes for me to shower and run out the door with an apple. everyday i say i'm going to stay awake the next morning, work out, and take time to put on make up. and everyday that doesn't happen.

today i got out of bed when i was supposed to leave, again.
on saturday i forgot to text somebody and ask when i next work, so today i left half dressed for work in case a quick change on the way home from school was needed. luckily today i don't have to work at all. some days i want to work because i know i need to. but today i was hoping i wouldn't so i could deep clean my room and do lots of homework. so that was my plan for today.

i got home at 11 and it is now 2. i suppose that't not a big deal, but it feels like it when all i've done since i've been home is turn on my space heater, lay on my bed, and stalk about 50 blogs.

this is me wishing i'd just clean my room. (good thing you can't see the full extent of the damage across my floor or you'd be even more disappointed)
maybe next week?
freak. no. today. k i'll do it right now.
after i eat some lunch...

love ally

p.s. lauren the videos were perfect for all of us.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Ja Bless Saturday Nights With Ellen

Dear Holly: 
This first video is for you. 
Thank me later
Have we been keeping up with the kardashians lately?
Amy, I hope since we usually watch the same shows, that you share my love for this one.
An anyone else who shares their life as well. It the best thing I've ever seen.
And Miss Alison
I thought you wouldn't mind seeing this boy a few times more.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Friday, November 4, 2011

i'm too sexy life.

generally, i love the present and don't wish to go back to high school. but there are days that i remember the good days and i can't help but laugh.

i miss spencer okay? don't deny that you don't.

and of course amy i just couldn't leave this out... 

good times...

love ally