Sunday, January 23, 2011

so cute right now.

dear chicas,

first of all, happy sunday. well i guess now its technically monday. but still.

second of all, i love you.

and third of all, Jesus loves you too, even when youre not so hot....

oh how i love us:)

love ally

Friday, January 21, 2011

"I'm bringin' chubby back, YEAH"

Sing title to the tune of "sexy back"
Just in case your wondering, I am completely boycotting working out.
Is there a point to working out? Nope.
If your wondering, i'm going to be sporting this look very very soon...

Lemme just give you a little run down of what I have consumed today...

Morning time: Hot chocolate, Grapefruit, Captain Crunch, Ritz crackers.

Mid-Morning time: Hummus and pretzels, granola bar, around 15 starbursts

Lunch: Wendys....chicken nuggets, fries, chicken go-wrap, frosty, and a Dr. Pepper

2nd lunch: Turkey and mustard sandwich, salt and vinegar chips, and lemonade

Early dinner: Texas roadhouse (ribs...ribs....RIBS)

Dinner: Costa Vida and a horchata(thanks hol:)) (Sweet pork nachos)

Yes. I think i've almost eaten myself to death and you know what? I feel like a million bucks. 

There's 2 types of therapy that will cure any sadness. 

  • Retail Therapy
  • Food Consumption

Live it, breathe it, eat it.

Even weird Al agrees with this little beaut

Yup...I just dedicated a post to food....

SUCK IT (or eat it...haha)

Love, Amy

Thursday, January 20, 2011


dear friends,
in case you didn't already know..........

boys are dumb.

just fyi.

love ally

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Is it possible to take more than 3 naps a day?
Well yeah it is. If you live in Rexburg, Idaho.

There are a few things about this place that everyone needs to be informed of:

1. The supply of attractive, normal men runs lower than any other city in the world.
2. If you happen find an attractive,normal man, you will most likely have stalkish tendencies.
3. You better love Ke$ha because that's the only thing they know how to play on the radio.

Now it may sound like this place is a drag, but really it can be quite enjoyable.
For instance, I find my entertainment in watching people fall and hurt themselves; Turning my teachers into fictional characters; and sitting in the lunchroom waiting to see if any hot guy turns up wanting to ask me on a date.

So now that I have gotten settled in here I thought I could tell you about my experiences here.
The first week was the worst. I was the first one to move into my appartment.
The only roomate I met the first day was Rynda.
She is super nice. Lives in a town with probably 50 people and loves country music.

It took me about 8 hours to unpack everything.
The next day I left and went to an orientation kind of thing.
Met a few kids. had a ball.
Later we went to a BYU IDO dance party. OMG BPE!! (Oh My Goodness) (Best Party Ever) (!!)
They played all the best music, like Cotton-Eyed Joe and plenty of slow songs so I could slow dance with all the hotties.

2 days later I met my other 3 roomates. (the two best friends, and the one who is "kind of" engaged)
To me, they were all freaks. To be honest, I hated them. A LOT!
Over time, the two best friends added one more wolf to their wolf pack.
(That would be me.)
Now we sit around and watch movies all day. It is the best.

Like Alison, I too stalk people. Probably worse than she does.
I currently met the most gorgeous boy ever from San Diego.
Him and his two roomates are the best looking men up here. So, of course, I have no choice but to stalk.
His name is Reed. Mmmmmm, yeah I know sounds nice..
But we are kind of friends. He says hi to me and we know eachothers names. Thats about it.
I pass him every Monday, Wednesday and Friday on the way back from class.
He is like a mix of Kyle Tucker and Ryan Reynolds.
I will let you know when he asks me on a date. :)
Obviously there is nothing better to do here.

And a few more interesting facts:
  • The teachers at this school are twice as old as my grandparents and 3 times "stupider" than me.
  • My math teacher looks, talks and acts like Patrick Star &
  • Snooki and Will Smith are currently in my Book of Mormon class.


the bell has rung and class is in session

so girls, in case you were wondering, this is my schedule:
MWF 8am: English 2010
TT 8:30am: History 1700
TT 10am: Music for people who think they're 4
MTTF 11am: Math 1010

currently, it is a tuesday at 9:23am. i still 22 minutes left in my history class. history is not necessary whatsoever. especially with my teachers who jumps from the aztecs to stocks on apple software to queen elizabeth to not being able to get manicures when she was a little girl. like i said, not necessary.

but what is necessary, you may ask. my answer: stalking. in this class especially it is very difficult to pay attention, so instead of paying attention to my crazy 96 year old teacher, i pay attention to my fellow classmates. i'm a creep its fine.

for example, the girl in front of me, is a different one. she always wears some sort of cute hat that doesn't match anything she wears. she owns a Mac and is always on facebook. also, she comes in late everyday.
next, there's a man the sits in the very front. he always has some sort of soda with him. today he has a bottle of pepsi that he has already half drank. what a great breakfast. he has hair but you can see on the very top-back of his head his hair is thinning. he's probably a dad.
alright now this person happens to be my personal favorite. the hot boy in my history class. one day i'll learn his name but for now i'll just watch him from 3 rows back. he wears some of his shirts inside out and obviously i like that. he has dark hair. i  like that too. oh and at the top of his left cheek bone, he has a little mole. dont worry its adorable. he's probably the only attractive person besides myself in all four of my classes. so were pretty much meant for each other right?
well class is over so until next time i'm bored in you girls.

love the one who hates school and would also like to go to "school sucks so why not take a break University". (ally)

PS::::neverland sounds great right about now.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Oh hello blog, you've been missed.

Let me tell you, growing up is the worst. Everyone goes in different directions and on to bigger and better things, and all of a sudden your incoherantly independent.
For all of our 2 followers (holler...) here's a little run down of what's going on in our busy lives.

Ally: Currently attending UVU
        Working at Los Hermanos in her spare time (she can now balance 10 plates on a tray, 2 drinks on her head, a spoon on her nose and absolutely be workin' it the whole time)
        Boys: If your name is Alison Elizabeth Hunsaker, all the gents want you.

Holly: Currently attending USU
          Working as a TA at a school (she's legit...I know)
           Boys: OOHHHHHHH kyle.

Lauren: Currently attending BYU Idaho
             Working on the corner (22nd&main)
             Boys: Dang, every boy wants her bod. bad.

Me(Amy): Currently attending school sucks so why not take a break University
                 Working full time at Maxim Healthcare (represent)
                  Boys: N/A...hehe

So pretty much our lives are so freakin busy that only me and ally see each other late saturday nights and sundays when we go to the holy place.
Lauren, come visit.
Holly, come visit.
I miss my girls.
I'm thinking that we need a little Peter Pan lovin' sometime soon yeah?