Monday, March 26, 2012

Last Full Week of Winter Semester

Today is a Monday.. Obviously..
Here are a few things that have crossed my mind already by 11:30 AM

1. Girls: A tip: Having your boobs hang half way out really isn't as attractive as you think it is. To make matters worse, you're a size A. Put them away doll, all I can see is your ribs..

2. The best thing ever is when you can wear a light jacket outside because its warm and sunny... Only to come out of class when it dropped 10 degrees and is now raining.

3. Surprisingly, Gingers have more fun than Brunettes.

4. I might not live in Pleasant Grove anymore, but it still smells like weed all the time.

5. Starving yourself only makes you fatter.

6. Your roommate gives the best back massages ever!... Until you find out she's a lesbian.

7. Marriage is only something other people do.

8. Justin Bieber: I will allow you to be my boyfriend.. I guess..

9. I will do ANYTHING for Ice Cream. Or Cocoa Bean Cupcakes. And I mean ANYTHING. Girl scout cookies also apply. ESPECIALLY if they are in Ice Cream.

10. Avocados should be included in every meal.

11.  Without country music, life would basically be pointless. I guess Techno is equally as entertaining. I could live with that.

12. Why would you sit around and talk about it when you could actually go DO it??

13. I love Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson. They belong together.

14. Vegas sounds so good right now. Let's all drop out, eat sushi, Starbucks and party at the strip clubs.  Almost 21.. Who needs fake IDs?


Monday, March 19, 2012


Hands down, the weirdest most morbid video I have ever seen. 

Like....what just happened?


So when I was leaving Michael's house tonight, I walked outside and it was blizzarding. I did a couple doughnuts in the middle of state street and almost got hit by another car. Super fun. Here's a picture in what I was driving in.

Be careful on the roads!!

Love, Amy

Sunday, March 18, 2012

College is for having fun, not learning

I don't have anything better to do on a Sunday afternoon.
Let's be honest, how the hell do I find these stupid videos all the time?
Pure entertainment right here:
Ever having issues?
This should help:
Wear it proudly.
Modest is hottest.
Now you can either go learn something in class or come up with something ridiculous to do.
Ally you are gorgeous,
And I hope that you guys are havin a bangin time in moab
Classic. love you.
 Look at us, we get plenty of action.
Yay boobies!

Love Lauren

Thursday, March 1, 2012