Tuesday, November 30, 2010

invisible children.

Ok, so do you remember last year the assembly on the Invisible Children? 
I cried.
I've also been trying to remember what foundation supported this cause. I remembered it today!!

Isn't that darling?!
This is an awesome cause, and the little things really mean a lot to them.
Please go onto their website and donate. Even if it's buying a bracelet.
School supplies for a child is $10, and it won't mean that much to us to give up that money, but it will mean everything and more to one lucky kid. 

The world looks away and pretends there is no poverty anymore. Poverty is everywhere, and it should affect every single one of us. 

Help support this cause and pass the word along. 

Love, Amy

Sunday, November 21, 2010

when life is good, make it known.

well wouldn't ya know, ally being a cute little blogger!
haha so this week is thanksgiving, and it is a time to be thankful. i am grateful for so many things in my life and i really just felt like sharing a few of those things with you.









(even when they suck:))



and of course...

Have an AMAZING Thanksgiving and don't forget about all of the many blessings that you have!

the greatest blogger ever,


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

winner winner chicken dinner.

Have you ever had those days where you feel fantastically FRIGGIN' lucky? 
(today was one of those days)
Here's just a few reasons;

  • Boss from corporate called me and said (exact quote) "thank you for taking initiative, you've been a real asset to this company. Good work." Baller son.
  • Bought henna for $1.75(plus tax) in a shady little indian store that serves chicken legs. Salt lake scares me.
  • Won a radio contest! Thank you U92.5 for being awesome. But, you might want to tell me which movie premier I have won tickets to...
  • Went shopping with Lisa, found some great deals. Followed by Costa. Yummy.
  • Found a $100 dollar bill!! hehe jk, but I did find a penny...face up. UH
  • Didn't catch one red light
  • Got a letter from Michael:)
These days never happen. I was expecting to find a pot of gold in the toilet, and a leprechaun in my bed.

If your ever bored, check out this blog. It's adorable and has the tendency to make you want to get married. Like now.

I like this picture too:)

Well wow. This post was kinda random and meaningless....but it's whatevers. hahah

Love Amy

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

the shot heard round the world

Being alone 98% of the time allows for much thought, the topic of consideration today was American History.
Being human is a gift, but can also be a curse. One fact about being human, is that all humans sin. The 7 deadly sins are termed as gluttony, lust, greed, sloth, despair, envy and pride. We all feel these emotions from day to day, it is our instinct. Humans are like animals. These instincts can overpower our good judgment in an instant. When we choose to act upon these impulses, history teaches that it really can be deadly.
The American Revolutionary War was started by a single shot, that even to this day no one is quite sure who fired it. Some even believe it was an accident, or an innocent farmer doing his job in the distance. This single shot was harmless… or so the man with the gun probably thought. But it started a war, and would forever be part of the history books.
The Americans and Englishmen took the shot as an opportunity. Their pride and wrath masked everything else important to them. At that instant each man involved probably didn’t think about how this would affect their wives and children, their brothers and their friends.
Although the war was good, and secured freedom for America, today I want to settle another “war” that has shaken up from one single “shot”.
People often do things that make the animal come out in others. Whether it was intended or not... Their envy, pride, wrath, or whatever other instinct it is, clouds their vision to what is really important. Today I want to practice some virtues to exterminate these truly deadly sins.
When I feel I have been wronged, I feel angry, and my pride keeps the grudge hot on my shoulders. But being mad and stuck up doesn’t let you keep the things that really matter.
In my life, I am grateful to say I have a wonderful family, many great opportunities, and a handful of incredible friends. Although my family is dysfunctional at times, I may not seize opportunities, or I might mess them up, and at times having friends so close can cause problems… I know if I did not have them, I would be incomplete. If I didn’t have problems, how would I know when I do have it really good? Everything breaks, nothing lasts once its warranty is expired, and all good times come to an end. I believe that most everything can be fixed; it’s only a matter of if it’s worth fixing. My friends mean the world to me, and I know that every little tiff we get in can be fixed and is worth every effort and humbling that it takes to resolve. One philosophy I have developed throughout life is that if I cannot forgive, I can’t expect to be forgiven when I do something stupid.
“A friend is someone who knows all about you, but loves you anyway.” –Anon

No matter what, I will always love my friends, each and every one of them. i love them in the best and worst of times… and I will always forgive them. I would be nothing without them, and nothing is worth losing them.

Love, Holly

My Apologies.

So it has been almost a month since any one of us has written.
I decided I needed to put something up here.
First of all, It has been so hard lately for everyone.
Everyone is so busy and there is never enough time to see eachother.
We have, though, been able to see eachother for the last few parties and birthdays that have happened in the past month.
I am starting to get the real feel of what it is like to grow up.
For example: Chunie Johnson used to be one of us four. She moved away and none of us ever see her anymore.
We are all growing up and most likely we will not see each other as often anymore.
I get the feeling I am the next one to go.
I know that no one really wants to be around me, or talk to me, or anything like that because of the last month or so.
I wanted to apologize if I ever did or said anything to you that offended you in any way.
I love all of you and I hope you are having a great school year.
And I am sincerely sorry for everything.